Weight Loss Supplements for Women


Weight Loss Supplements For Women

A lot of women are not satisfied with their weight and would do anything to be able to get back to a slim and fit body. There are so many drugstores and health food stores selling numerous weight loss supplements for women and it is quite overwhelming for the majority of them to find the best supplement that is both effective and safe for them.


Women should seek their doctor’s advice first before taking any weight loss supplement because some diet supplements can be dangerous. You may experience unexpected side effects or simply not get the results it claims on the package. This review will guide you in choosing the safest and most effective weight loss supplement for women.


According the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), health supplements are products that:


  • Are manufactured in high quality
  • Labeled correctly
  • Contain no impurities or contaminants



Several factors to remember when choosing a weight loss supplement are:


  • Go for trusted and respected brands to make sure that what you find on the label is safe and really gives you the result you want.
  • Take note to read the claims with care. If they seem too good to be true, most of the time they are.
  • Check out the studies or documentations about the effectiveness of the product
  • Your doctor can usually recommend a healthy weight loss supplement which is proven to be effective and safe. This is especially important if you are taking other prescription drugs. Warning: Always get a doctor’s clearance before mixing any supplement with a prescription medication!



There are a wide range of weight loss supplements available that will appeal to various types of women who have different weight loss goals. In most cases, these supplements for women are generally categorized as follows:


1. Fat Proteins – protein powders that help you retain your lean muscle mass that provide an increase in metabolism that results in burning more calories.


  • Pros: They supply protein to maintain and build lean muscle mass
  • Cons: You’ll need 2-3 servings daily
  • For: Active people and people who exercise regularly only


2. Fat Burners – increase the body’s core temperature (“thermogenesis”) for an enhanced fat burning and also increase the body’s metabolism. Usually taken before meals. It is recommended to start with a low dosage first.


  • Pros: Can be taken by any type of body with different lifestyles and activities
  • Cons: Must take minimal dosage first because it is a strong product
  • For: People who are busy or for those who are just looking for results


3. Fat Metabolizers – special weight loss supplements that can help the body’s capability to reduce fat absorption or increase fat burning, especially helpful when taking meals that include more fat. For best results, check out if these ingredients are included in your fat metabolizer: L-carnitine, Inositol, Methionine, Choline, Acetyl-l-carnitine, 7-Keto.


  • Pros: Body fat is decreased
  • Cons: Too much intake may reduce the vitamins absorbed in the body
  • For: Individuals who love to eat out most of the time


4. Carb Blockers – ideal for people who eat a lot of carbs and for those who don’t like stimulants.


  • Pros: Lessen the quantity of carbohydrates that can be turned into body fat
  • Cons: Too much intake can lessen the absorption of other important nutrients
  • For: Persons who enjoy carbs with their meals


5. Ladies Fat Loss – weight loss supplements for women that contain additional vitamins and minerals, such as iron and folate. However, keep in mind though that the best source of these important nutrients is from food and not from supplements.


  • Pros: Improve weight loss and provides the most favorable health for women
  • Cons: Other brands might contain less stimulants
  • For: Women who want to lose weight


6. Diuretics – usually in tablet form, these weight loss supplements help prevent bloating and reduce water weight and retention for a leaner and slimmer body. Not to be used for long-term. It is vital that the body remains hydrated while taking diuretics. It is also recommended to take multivitamins along with diuretics.


  • Pros: Weight loss result usually seen within 3-7 days
  • Cons: Can reduce energy levels because of elimination of B vitamins.
  • For: Bloated people or those who tend to retain water in their body


7. Appetite Suppressants – weight loss supplements that suppress your appetite helping you lessen and control your food craving. Can be combined with the previously mentioned supplements.


  • Pros: Reduces your appetite, therefore lessening your craving for food
  • Cons: Not advisable for active people
  • For: Inactive people



While all of these supplements are classed under the group of weight loss, keep in mind that they don’t offer you a miracle or magic for a fast and quick weight loss solution. However, combining any weight loss supplement or supplements with determination, hard work, proper diet, and exercise will give you the best results. If you stick with a proven plan, over time you can expect to see a positive change in your life.