Weight Loss Supplements For Men


Weight Loss Programs for Men


Being overweight is one of the main issues that face our society these days. A lot of weight loss diet supplements available in the market, all promising amazing results yet some of them fail to come up to that promise. It is true that exercise and proper diet is very important when it comes to losing weight, but a person also require some weight loss supplement to help him shed off unwanted fat in a fast and natural way without having a drastic effect on his overall health and lifestyle.


Nevertheless, because of hormonal and chemical differences based on gender, men and women require different kinds of weight loss supplements for their specific needs. So if you are a man planning to lose extra weight, you need to look for weight loss supplement specifically made for men. Weight loss supplements for men do more than just get rid of unwanted fat – these supplements also replace unnecessary fat with toned muscles, making you feel and look good.



The top weight loss supplements for men are ranked according to these criteria:


  • Reviews and feedbacks from users
  • Ingredients specifically manufactured for men
  • Safety of the product
  • Product effectiveness
  • Long-term results
  • General assessment



There are certain ingredients that make up the weight loss supplements for men. But the most common of these ingredients are as follows:


1. Testosterone – this is responsible for the amount of muscle on men’s bodies. Because of men’s high testosterone level than women, they can speed up their metabolism much easier with new exercise and diet than women. It has been proven that muscle can burn more calories than fat, so a decrease in the level of testosterone will lessen the muscle mass needed for fat-burning process. A supplement that boosts and maintains testosterone is ideal for men, helping them maintain a healthy lifestyle.


2. Tribulus Terrestris – this is an herb used for increasing the luteinizing hormones that produce testosterone. It is considered safe although supplementing your diet with this herb might cause an upset stomach. Taking this supplement along with your meal can solve this problem.


3. L-Arginine – a type of amino acid found in the body that relaxes the blood vessels and produces creatine for improved blood circulation. L-Arginine naturally increases the production of testosterone when included in men’s weight loss supplements.


4. Green Tea – green tea contains polyphenols which boosts metabolism for faster fat burning when mixed with caffeine and which can help men attain and maintain a healthy body.



Losing weight is not always easy and takes a lot of patience and effort for it to be a success. There are no quick ways and it cannot happen overnight. Healthy eating habits and the right exercise also plays a major role in any weight loss plan. However, if you are looking for the best weight loss supplements for men, the following are the top 5 supplements:


1. Fat Burners


  • Suppress appetite and increase fat burning metabolism naturally
  • Give you enough energy for longer workout time thus enabling you to burn more calories faster
  • Most effective when taken before breakfast


2. Fat that burn fat (examples are CLA and Omega-3 fats)


  • Omega-3 fats like fish oil
  • CLA (tonalin)
  • Controls the Leptin hormone that increases the metabolic rate and suppresses hunger


3. Meal Replacements (MRP’s)


  • Protein shakes and bars
  • Supplements the lack of protein in your diet
  • Contains fat burning ingredients
  • A healthier alternative when you crave for unhealthy foods that makes you fat


4. Colon Cleansers




  • Help you lose weight without dieting or exercising
  • Prevent bloating problem




  • Don’t burn fat
  • Limited only to eliminating the waste trapped in the colon
  • After your colon is cleansed, you still need to have to take weight loss supplements, eat the right diet and exercise to remove excess body fat


5. Appetite Suppressants




  • Stop the craving for food or the feeling of hunger
  • Help lose weight even without exercise




  • Lost weight will come back if you stop taking appetite suppressants





If you are one of the men who need to lose weight fast in an easy way, there are options available that is just right for your unique lifestyle. However, losing weight rapidly might result in health problems like dehydration, fatigued, malnutrition, etc. so as a word of warning, consult your doctor first and do some research before taking any weight loss supplements. Keep in mind too that any weight loss supplement will not be effective without a healthy diet and proper exercise to combine with it.