Weight Loss After Pregnancy


Weight Loss After Pregnancy

With even the healthiest of pregnancies, the average woman can gain up to 40 pounds during her pregnancy. The arrival of a baby fills your every waking hour with tasks all designed to keep you sleep deprived and wondering how you ever once found the time to go to the gym. Every mom can admit to struggling with weight loss after pregnancy, even the bikini-clad actresses on the cover of magazines. The trick to successful weight loss after baby arrives is much less a trick and a whole lot more common sense.


Get Some Shut-Eye


The cliché “sleep like a baby” is one that most moms are likely to scoff at, especially since it is the rare newborn that doesn’t get up every three to four hours, around the clock. The reality is that it is imperative for your body to get a good amount of restful sleep if you plan on trying to lose weight after baby makes his grand entrance.


Studies have demonstrated that our bodies need a good restful period in order to build muscle and establish changes in a sluggish metabolism.


Getting your baby into a good bedtime routine will help him to establish his own good sleeping habits, and by the time that he or she is four months old, you can expect baby to be sleeping in six to eight hour stretches. Once he is, you’ll find that you are able to get in that much-needed sleep that will leave you refreshed and alert.


The Importance of Staying Hydrated


Coffee can be a new mom’s best friend, especially during those first few sleep-deprived months. Coffee, however, can actually dehydrate you if you are not careful. To see a positive impact on your post-partum weight loss goals, you should ensure that you drink a full glass of water for each cup of coffee that you consume. The same holds true for any caffeinated beverage, like a fizzy soda.


As a general rule, breastfeeding moms should drink a glass of water every time they nurse, which may leave you feeling a bit like you are floating, but will ensure that you are flushing out your system in a healthy manner.


The diet of a new parent might not necessarily be the healthiest, even if a mom is trying to drop weight after baby arrives. By simply staying hydrated, with water, you can help to promote healthy kidney function, keep your body flushed free of toxins, and also help to give yourself the natural energy boost that comes as a result of positive hydration.


Menu Planning


Whether you have one child or you are the mother of three, evenings can be incredibly hectic. It is often easier to order in, or pick unhealthy dinner choices out of the freezer. By implementing a menu planning system you’ll be able to be a lot more efficient when doing your grocery shopping, and you can ensure that you always have those fresh fruits and vegetables, along with lean proteins, that you need in order to lose pregnancy gained weight.


Try to keep your menu varied so that you don’t get bored with your choices. Incorporate a lot of healthy snacks, like yogurt smoothies, granola, and low-fat cheese. This will give you a quick and healthy snack to grab while busy with the little one, and help to keep you from binging later on when you get a spare moment.


Get Active


We all know that changing your diet and increasing your exercise levels can help you with your planned weight loss after pregnancy, but many new moms are under the misguided impression that they need to hit the gym for an hour each day in order to see the fat burning changes they want. The reality is that pushing yourself too hard and too fast after pregnancy can result in injuries, and also leave you much more likely to give up your weight loss efforts.


Even a small walk around the block, pushing baby in the stroller or other simple activities could be all the workout that you need for right now. Keep in mind that even five minutes of walking is better than doing nothing at all. So take an extra lap around the grocery store while baby is sleeping and burn those calories.


There is no magic pill or magic shake solution to help you lose pregnancy weight. Avoid the fad diets that will leave you starving, overdoing it on workouts, and setting you up for failure. The best way to see effective weight loss after pregnancy is to ensure that you are eating well, drinking plenty of water, taking short walks, and maintaining realistic weight loss goals for yourself. You will be much more likely to lose the weight if you are realistic about what is possible for your unique body type and physical fitness level.