Water and Weight Loss


Water and Weight Loss

Our body is composed of 60% water and we lose water daily through the many processes that contributes to the proper functioning of our body. People often feel tired due to dehydration, and replenishing the lost water is vital to our health and helps keep our body to function well. Drinking cold water might improve the burning of fat although warm water is much easier to drink in large amounts. Cold water is absorbed in the stomach much faster than warm water.


It is not advisable to drink too much water at one time and it is recommended that you spread the time throughout the day, and about 3 hours before going to bed, to keep you from being dehydrated. However, very few people who decided to increase their water intake fail to maintain it. This is because during the first few days that they started drinking more water, they are going to the bathroom frequently and this can interfere with their normal everyday routine at home or at work. There are other fluids that a lot of people drink to help them keep hydrated, but the added sugar, calories, and additives can be harmful to the body.


When the body needs water, many individuals think that they are hungry. This is because the body cannot easily differentiate feelings of thirst and hunger and people often mistake their thirst for hunger. Drinking the right amount of water can greatly help lessen hunger cravings and water can play an important role too in losing weight. Drinking water is proven to be one of the effective ways recommended for people who want to lose weight.


There is an increased in metabolic rate (the rate at which calories are burned) after drinking around 17 ounces of water. The increased metabolic rates differ among men and women – men boost their metabolism by burning more fats, while women’s metabolism increases with the breakdown of carbohydrates.


Drinking water before meals can help promote weight loss and those who do this are able to keep the weight off for a full year. Water intake before and during meals can trigger the sensor in the stomach that sends signals that you are full so you are likely to eat less. This is because water takes up space without adding to your daily calorie count. Water satisfies your hunger even if you are eating less. Drinking more water may even help you stay away from soda or other calorie-laden and sugary beverages.



How Water Helps in Weight Loss:


  • Drinking water has no calories and fills up the stomach which makes people feel they are not hungry so they eat less food. However, too much water consumption may cause a rare but serious health condition known as water intoxication. The amount of water your body requires will depend on your weight, your level of activity, the temperature and humidity of the place where you live, and on your diet.


  • Drinking water can also stimulate the body to generate more heat to increase the metabolism which in turn will burn more calories. It can also help people refrain from drinking sugar-filled and high-calorie beverages. Water also helps in the digestion of foods, in regulating body temperature, and flush out the fat from the cells.



Importance of Drinking Water to Lose Weight:


  • Water is lost during initial stages of weight loss and drinking adequate amount of water can prevent dehydration
  • Dehydration can delay the fat-burning process and water is needed for efficient burning of calories
  • Water flushes out the harmful toxins created from burning calories
  • Dehydration can result to low blood level which in turn lessens the amount of oxygen supply to the muscles, making you feel tired
  • Water helps reduce soreness in muscles and joints
  • Water combines with fiber for a healthy digestion and elimination of waste
  • Drinking water before each meals can make you feel full and eat less food





Drinking water is the healthiest way to lose weight since it makes you feel fuller, reduces you hunger cravings, and it contains no calories. Water is also an important part of any healthy diet. So if you want to lose a few extra pounds easily, start with two glasses of water when you wake up in the morning, before drinking your coffee or eating your breakfast. Make it a habit to drink water regularly on a daily basis and you can also combine it by eating foods high in water content like fruits, vegetables, and legumes.


A healthy, balanced diet and regular exercises combined with drinking water can help you to lose weight fats. Water keeps your body well-hydrated, helping the muscles and organs to work properly and efficiently. And if your body is functioning properly, your metabolic rate will increase. Metabolism plays a vital role in losing weight and it helps burn calories faster and boosts your energy levels. Drinking adequate amounts of water can help increase the rate of metabolism for effective and quick weight loss.