Vitamins For Weight Loss

Vitamin Supplements for Weight Loss

It is oftentimes a hard task for someone trying to accomplish losing considerable body fat and most people resort to weight loss supplements or pills to make it easier for them to lose weight without having to the usual exercise and diet required. However, dieting and exercising is still an important part in any weight loss program. Changing your eating habits, engaging in physical activity, and taking supplements combined with vitamins are necessary to losing weight successfully.


With the dietary changes in any weight loss program, our body does not get the necessary vitamins from the foods we eat so it is recommended to choose a multivitamin weight loss supplement to maintain the body’s supply of the needed vitamins and minerals to keep it healthy.


It is a proven fact that vitamins are vital to keep our body healthy because they supply the nutritional needs to keep it functioning properly. Vitamins improve the body’s metabolism and therefore increase your chances of losing weight. These vitamins can be found online or in any drug stores and must be taken along with the appropriate diet and exercise.



The following are just some of the best vitamins for weight loss:


1. Vitamin B Complex


Also known as the “stress vitamins” that help cope with stress, increase metabolic rate, and produce energy for the body. Vitamin B helps the liver and pancreas with fat metabolism and digestion and therefore the ideal vitamin for weight loss.


2. Omega 3 or Fish Oil


Acts as an anti-inflammatory and supports natural weight loss by making the immune system relax and helps in fighting damage to the body brought about by lack of exercise, improper diet, and pollution. Omega 3 or fish oil is can also prevent the craving for food or hunger and should therefore be included in an individual’s weight loss regimen.


3. Choline


Choline is not formally considered as a vitamin but it is grouped as a B-complex vitamin. This is a lipotropic nutrient or fat emulsifier and works best when combined with inositol nutrient. Choline helps lower the cholesterol level of the body and can be found in foods like egg yolks, lecithin, wheat germ, beef liver, peanuts, beef geart, cucumber, and cauliflower.


4. Calcium


Considered as a very important mineral for weight loss and helps lessen body fat to lose weight. People who are deficient in calcium tend to be overweight or have more body fat.


5. Chromium


Not to be confused with the extremely dangerous hexavalient chromium made famous from the hit movie, “Erin Brockovich”. There is both good and bad chromium. Let’s focus on the good here.


Chromium is important in breaking down fats and carbohydrates in the body. Not having enough chromium creates problems with controlling the blood sugar in our body, therefore fat is stored since it makes it difficult to burn calories as fuel.


6. CLA or Conjugated Linoleic Acid


Can be found in small amounts in dairy products and red meat and appears as a fatty acid that acts as a dietary supplement which increases the lean body mass.


7. Fiber


Helps you to feel full and can help to prevent the craving for eating more food. High fiber foods can be extremely helpful when trying to lose weight. However, it is recommended that adding fiber to your diet should be done gradually. In addition, you should consistently drink a good amount of fluids on a daily basis in order to prevent constipation.


8. Vitamin D


A fat-soluble vitamin which helps the body lose excess weight and fats. However, too much of Vitamin D might cause toxicity so a 1000 IU or less of this vitamin supplement is recommended as safe.


9. Green Tea Extract


Contains antioxidants and helps in losing weight too by regulating passive and active energy usage. Important components are catechins, caffeine, and theanine. Unsafe belly fats may also be reduced by green tea extract, as well as additional benefits, such as lowering LDL cholesterol and help to regulate blood pressure.


10. Over-the-Counter Orlistat


Actually a medicine and not a supplement, but since the FDA has approved it for sale without prescription, then a lot of people consider it as a supplement. Orlistat can cause unfavorable side effects to the stomach and people can use it to lose weight IF they combine it with a proper exercise and right diet.





Not all dietary supplements are safe so make sure that the product you are planning to buy has been approved by USP (United States Pharmacopeia) and FDA. Also, make sure to ask your doctor’s advice before taking any supplement for weight loss because it might have unfavorable side effects, especially if you are taking other health medications.


Bottom line:


Although taking supplements may help you in your efforts, regular exercise and proper diet is still the basis of any weight loss program.