Hypnosis For Weight Loss

Hypnosis For Weight Loss

Hypnosis, sometimes called hypnotherapy or hypnotic suggestion, is a state of being in trance in which you have heightened concentration and inner absorption. It is usually done by a therapist using repetitive words and mental images that can make you feel relaxed and calm and more responsive to suggestions without losing control over your behavior. Hypnosis are often used to aid in controlling unpleasant behaviors or in coping with pain or anxiety.


Several studies have shown that only a slight weight loss have been evaluated with the use of hypnosis for weight loss. There are several controversies surrounding hypnosis as a method of treatment for weight loss. It is more acceptable to regard hypnosis as something that encourages people to undertake other treatment methods or weight loss programs in losing weight.


Hypnosis for weight loss, when combined with a weight loss program that includes healthy diet, exercise, and counseling, can also help you in shedding those extra pounds. Addition of hypnosis to a behavioral weight management program can significantly contribute to weight loss. Hypnosis works only as a method to increase the attention of participants to suggestions and reinforce their weight loss. Long-term self-hypnosis for weight loss combined with behavioral weight management program can produce a moderate weight loss and keep it off.


Self hypnosis for weight loss re-educates your unconscious mind to open up your awareness that what is real and permanent change in your weight for a long term comes with a change in your bad habits and lifestyle. It has become so popular that many people turn to it to help them shed off extra pounds. Some advocates confirmed that self hypnosis for weight loss helped them restructure their thinking about food, which is a major factor if you want to maintain weight loss.


Hypnosis for weight loss is effective because it is a psychological approach that deals with the underlying cause of over eating or under eating. It helps make you take control of your body and give it the food it needs to maintain a healthy weight easily and naturally. But should you try hypnosis for weight loss? Below are several things to consider:


  • Hypnosis operates by altering your state of mind by relaxing you and temporarily making you unaware of the world around you.
  • Make a research of your hypnotherapist‚Äôs credentials before you agree to have a session. Being comfortable with your therapist is also important, where you can discuss some personal information about yourself.
  • Healthy diet and exercise is still important for the hypnosis to succeed.
  • Hypnosis is not magic and you must remember that losing weight slowly and that which suits your lifestyle is more likely to be successful.


Hypnotherapy, or using hypnosis for the purpose of therapy, can help alter your attitude, thoughts, and actions towards all the things that make you gain excess weight in the first place. It helps you to easily lose excess pounds safely and which you can maintain for a long time. Through hypnosis for weight loss, you can gradually replace the old habits that made you overweight with more positive and healthy ones. These attitudes, thoughts, and actions will become habitual and permanent because they are applied on your subconscious mind.



When done correctly, a qualified hypnotist or hypnotherapist can make you:


  • Improve the ability to focus and think clearly
  • Increase awareness
  • Lower stress levels
  • Replace bad food with good healthy foods
  • Do more physical activities
  • Eat when it is necessary and not for emotional comfort
  • Replace negative emotions with positive ones with regards to weight gain
  • Improve decisions in a positive way
  • Improve mental and emotional health



Negative habits are replaced by positive ones because hypnosis helps deal with mental and emotional reasons that cause weight gain. Hypnosis can directly address these issues in the subconscious mind and helps put balance to our emotions. It helps a person to have a positive approach with his or her life, which is very beneficial to be able to maintain a healthy lifestyle permanently.


Hypnosis allows us to have strength of character and decision by reinforcing in our subconscious system the strength to break free from the excuses that causes us to gain weight. It helps you to be more aware of what is going on around you and gives you a positive attitude to move forward to self-improvement.


Hypnosis makes life less complicated by helping you to gain power, consistency, and positivity to control your weight from the mind to the body. It aids in maintaining the proper weight and deals with the various restrictions that can be found surrounding us. It simply changes the way you think, and by changing that, you become more positive and can begin living your life in a healthier way that makes you happy.