Extreme Weight Loss Supplements


Extreme Weight Loss Supplements

Extreme weight loss supplements can be beneficial to losing weight and at the same time for muscle gain. They work effectively for both men and women while others are made for a particular gender. Whatever weight loss supplement you choose to take, it should not be taken on its own but rather as a part of an exercise regime and a healthy diet for better results.


Choosing the right weight loss product that will work best for you is sometimes a challenge,

And the decision will depend on your age, gender, and particularly on your specific weight loss goals. However, always keep in mind that it is important to take into consideration the safety of using the weight loss supplements in addition to its efficiency and effectiveness.


Although certain synthetic weight loss supplements are effective, it is still recommended that you choose from the natural weight loss pills that are available. This is because there can be more negative and harmful side effects that come synthetic weight loss products while natural weight loss pills provide a more safe and healthy results.


Below are some of the extreme weight loss methods and their descriptions:


1. Weight Loss Drugs – diet pills are called a miracle of modern medicine. They help you lose weight easily and quickly by just popping a pill. Although diet pills are also an effective extreme weight loss method, they also come with certain side effects because they are basically thinly disguised amphetamines (or speed in prescription form) that hit your appetite at its source, which is the brain. They can help suppress your appetite in order to lose weight but they can also be addictive and can cause health risks to your body.


  • Phentermine – an appetite suppressant that works on the neurotransmitters in the brain to send signals to the body that it is full so you eat less. It is a prescription amphetamine and approved for obese individuals who suffer from serious medical problems due to too much weight. This weight loss pill should be taken along with a proper diet and regular exercise for effective results.
  • Orlistat – a prescription weight loss pill that inhibits a pancreatic, fat-dissolving enzyme and thus blocks the absorption of fat in the digestive tract. It is taken three times a day before meals and can block about 30% of the fat in the food you eat.
  • Bontril/Phendimetrazine – this is a stimulant weight loss pill which is more addictive than phentermine and available only with prescription. It suppresses the appetite thus cutting down your fat and caloric intake.
  • Hoodia – comes from a South African plant and traditionally used to treat indigestion and infection. Its active ingredient, called P57, acts as an appetite suppressant to help you reduce weight and shed off excess fats.



2. Liposuction – this is the fastest way to lose weight and sometimes the most traumatic too to several individuals. It works by making an incision in your body and sucking the fat out of your body with a vacuum called cannula. It is mainly used for body “sculpting” and is not advisable for people who are very obese. Also, in order to keep down the swelling, you are required to wear compression clothes for one month.


3. Gastric Bypass – this is an extreme weight loss method used only for very obese people that need to reduce a lot of weight to stay healthy and alive. This is an extreme calorie reduction and weight loss technique. It is a surgical procedure where doctors staple your tummy making it into a small pouch that can hold about an ounce of food. However, despite the risks involved in gastric bypass surgery, it has been proven to be very effective.


4. Extreme Dieting – this is the oldest technique in extreme weight loss where an individual only eat raw vegetables, no carbohydrates or fats or sugar in the diet, and only one meal a day. It works by drastically reducing caloric intake to help lose weight.




There are also certain categories of weight loss supplements that need to be considered and each one of these types is beneficial in helping you lose weight in different ways. These weight loss pill categories are: thermogenics, stimulant free fat burners, carbohydrate blockers, fat blockers, thyroid regulators, appetite suppressants and cortisol blockers.


  • Thermogenics


Are simply fat burners and the most common ingredients are Yohimbre and caffeine. They help raise body temperature by increasing the metabolism to burn fat faster. It also stimulates the adipose fat tissues and cells to release fat into the bloodstream so that they can be used as energy.


  • Stimulant-Free Fat Burners


Most fat burners have the stimulants caffeine and ephedra as their most common ingredients. However, a lot of people know that too much of these stimulants can be too risky for the heart and the central nervous system. For this reason, weight supplements which are classified as stimulant free fat burners are more sought after because they have less side effects and safer to use.


  • Carbohydrate Blockers


Contains ingredients that prevent certain enzymes in the body from working to stop the digestion and absorption of the carbohydrates from the food you eat. This effectively helps in weight loss because a large number of people usually eat too many carbohydrates that do not get burned off easily.


  • Fat Blockers


Works similarly like carbohydrate blockers and its active ingredient is chitosan, a fat absorber, and works by removing the fat from the colon and the digestive tract, helping to lose weight without having to reduce the amount of food that you eat.


  • Thyroid Regulators


The thyroid regulators control the functioning of the thyroid gland and help secrete hormones to speed up metabolism.


  • Cortisol Blockers


Cortisol is hormone released by the adrenal glands and which is also called the stress hormone because this hormone is released when the body reacts to stress. Cortisol blockers block this hormone from encouraging to be an emotional eater, help suppress the appetite, and prevent the storage of too much fat in the body.


  • Appetite Suppressants


Help you lose weight by curbing your hunger and making you eat less amount of food.


It should be noted that whatever the benefits you are getting from the weight loss supplements you are taking, too much dosage will never give you greater or faster results. Overdose can cause negative impact on our health, not just with natural or synthetic weight loss pills but also with vitamins as well.



Side Effects:


  • Phentermine can cause insomnia, elevated blood pressure, heart palpitations, and even addiction to it if taken for longer period of time
  • Extended use of hoodia extract can damage the liver
  • Orlistat can cause gas, diarrhea, and in certain occasion, fecal incontinence
  • Phendimetrazine drug is addictive and can increase heart rate and blood pressure and using it for a long time can cause insomnia, anxiety, fatigue, tremors, and depression
  • Liposuction can bring about numbness, bumpy skin, and scars; it is also not permanent weight loss solution because you will gain back the fat that was removed if you cannot maintain the new body and exercise regularly
  • Gastric bypass surgery can be painful and dangerous and stapled tummy can leak and bring about an infection
  • Extreme dieting can lead to malnutrition by leaving out several necessary nutrients in the diet
  • Fat blockers can also lessen the amount of minerals and nutrients needed for a healthy body





People should choose carefully when deciding which weight loss supplements and methods will help them lose weight and allow them to live a healthy lifestyle. There are no quick fixes when it comes to losing weight and each extreme weight loss techniques and supplements usually have several side effects that come with them. For an effective weight loss, change your eating habits for good and exercise more. It takes hard work and sustained effort to lose weight and it just doesn’t happen overnight.