Best Weight Loss Supplements for Men


Best Weight Loss Supplements for Men

As recently as 2-3 decades ago, women were primarily the ones interested in weight loss supplements or diet pills. Nowadays, however, these diet supplements are being used by a large number of the male population as well.


In general, men find it easier to lose weight than women because they have higher metabolic rates and their body types are much leaner. Also, they do not have sensitive bodies like women and they can take more powerful supplements with stronger stimulators like caffeine.


The best weight loss supplements for men must be able to help them reduce body fat (especially in the lower abdomen), lessen the carbohydrates, increase fiber, and improve muscle mass. The majority of men do want to get thin when taking these weight loss supplements; getting fit and in shape is what they are more concerned about. They cando this by eating a healthy diet, engage in regular physical activities, drinking adequate amounts of water, and taking safe and effective supplements that will not get rid of their muscle mass. The following are the top 5 categories that made up the best weight supplements for men:


  1. Fat Burners – suppresses appetite and increase metabolism to burn fat quickly and naturally, giving men enough energy for endurance for longer workout and thus burning more calories.
  2. Meal Replacements (MRP’s) – like protein shakes and bars to supplement protein in their diet and contains fat burning ingredients.
  3. Fat that burns fat –like CLA (tonalin) and Omega-3 fats which controls the leptin hormone which is responsible for boosting the metabolism and suppressing appetite.
  4. Colon Cleansers – prevent bloating problems and get rid of water weight.
  5. Appetite Suppressants – helps to curb hunger or cravings for more food.



It takes a lot of patience and determination for a weight loss plan to be successful. Losing weight cannot happen overnight and there are no quick and easy ways to do it. Proper nutrition, regular exercise, and taking the right weight loss supplements can greatly help to achieve your weight loss goals. However, if you are looking for the best weight supplements for men , several of these supplements are as follows:


1. Acai Berry Select Cut


The Acai Berry Select Cut is designed as a workout supplement for men. Acai berry is one of the most powerful and nutritious food that you can find these days. Acai Berry Select Cut supplement uses natural proven ingredients to help you lose weight, increase your metabolism, increase fat oxidation, boost energy levels and build lean muscle. This supplement is ideal for men who want to lose weight and build lean muscle mass.


2. African Mango


African Mango, also known as Irvingia Gabonensis, is the latest trend in the weight loss ingredients. It works as a colon cleanser and fat burner, especially targeting belly fat where most men find hard to shed off. The main ingredient of this weight loss supplement is pure African Mango extract.


3. Bowtrol


Men usually do not choose properly what they eat and have a tendency to consume unhealthy food and because of this they have the highest risks of colon cancer. Therefore, they need a supplement that will help them to detoxify and cleanse their digestive system. Bowtrol colon cleanser is an all-organic supplement that contains the ingredient Cascara Sagrada that have laxative properties to regulate bowel movements and improve digestion. Another ingredient, the Turkey Rhubarb, helps in getting rid of toxins from the body.


4. Bowtrol Probiotic


The Bowtrol Probiotic enhances the probiotics in our body to help improve gastrointestinal function and aintain balance in intestinal good bacterial microbial. Its active ingredient is Lactospore which stimulates the enzymes necessary for proper digestion and elimination.


5. Dietrine


Dietrine is a carb blocker that helps suppress appetite, block carbohydrates, prevent fats from beingstored in the body, and increase energy levels. It contains all-natural nutritional ingredient extracted from white kidney beans Phase 2) that controls the digestive enzyme alpha amylase before it can convert starch into fat and glucose, lessening your calorie intake.


6. Digest It


DigestIt colon cleanse supplement relieves symptoms of constipation, helps in losing weight, get rid of harmful toxins, increases energy levels, and lessen gas and bloating. Ingredients include Cascara Sagrada bark, Turkey Rhubarb root, Aloe Vera, Slippery Elm, Garlic extract, and Flax seed.


7. Garcinia Cambogia Select


Most of the people using this product are women, but Garcinia Cambogia Select also works for men. This supplement acts as a fat burner and an appetite suppressant. Garcinia Cambogia Select helps reduce excess fat and prevents formation of fat in the body.


8. Goji Berry Advance


Goji Berry Advance supplements are filled with powerful antioxidants and other nutrients to stimulate and restore energy-producing glands (pituary, adrenals, thyroid, and thymus), promote mental wellbeing and calmness, improve quality of sleep, prevent cardiovascular diseases and cancer, slow down the aging of skin, boost metabolism, and lower cholesterol level. It also contains adaptogen which is responsible for the development and regeneration of muscles.


9. Green Coffee Bean Max


Green coffee beans are seeds obtained from red berries that are unroasted. Green Coffee Bean Max is an all-natural supplement that has a high chlorogenic acid content and antioxidants which help to lose weight, control blood sugar, slow down aging process, and in promoting other healthful benefits.


10. Hoodia Balance


Hoodia Balance supplement comes in tablet form and each tablet contains 750mg of pure Hoodia Gordonii extract, Magnesium Stearate, and Stearic Acid. This supplement helps you lose weight easily and quickly when combined with healthy diet, regular exercise, and drinking lots of water.


11. Hoodia Chaser


Hoodia Chaser is the liquid form of Hoodia Gordonii extract which is easily absorbed by the body and suppresses appetite almost immediately. Just a few drops of Hoodia Chaser taken before meals will give you instant result by sending signals to the brain that your body is full, therefore you eat less. It curbs your hunger to lessen your food intake and increases your metabolism to burn fat fast.


12. Hoodia Diet Review


Hoodia Diet is one effective and safe method of suppressing the appetite especially for men who want to lose weight and control their old eating habits. This product is a great appetite suppressant and many men are using it.


13. Hoodia Gordonii Plus


Hoodia Gordonii Plus promotes quick weight loss and positive mood. It contains 50mg of pure Hoodia Gordonii extract, HCA (hydroxycitric acid) that prevents food frombeing stored as fat, Green Tea extract that is rich in antioxidants to speed up weight loss, Magnesium that regulates blood sugar and blood pressure, and group of enzymes that aids in metabolism and digestion.


14. Lemonade Diet


Lemonade Diet supplement now comes in powder or capsule form and it provides a natural and safe weight loss solution by increasing metabolism and boosting energy levels. It also helps the body get rid of harmful toxins and waste to improve the digestive, circulatory, and renal systems of the body. It also promotes better sleep and makes the skin clearer and more radiant.


15. Maqui Berry


Maqui Berry supplements are rich in powerful antioxidants that prevents cholesterol formation in the blood, improves and boosts the immune system, prevents cancer cell growth, reduces deterioration of joints, protects the brain and prevents neurological problems, and prevents cardiovascular diseases like stroke, heart attack, and hardening of the arteries. It also increases the production of insulin and has a high content of delphinidins that acts as a natural anti-inflammatory yet do not have the side effects of most anti-inflammation medicines.


16. QuickTrim Cleanse


QuickTrim Cleanse is a lemonade flavored drink designed to detoxify and cleanse your body to eliminate excess water weight, intestinal bulk, and bloating in just a matter of 48 hours while at the same time increasing energy levels. This supplement can be used at the start of a diet program to quickly lose weight or at the end of the weight loss program to give you a toned and healthy appearance.


17. Raspberry Ketones Max


Raspberry Ketones Max is an all-natural supplement made from ingredients such as Raspberry ketones, African mango, Acai berry, Resveratrol, powdered Apple Cider vinegar, green tea extract, caffeine anhydrous, Grapefruit, and Kelp. These natural ingredients are safe and effective for losing excess weight and for keeping the body fit and healthy.


18. Resveratrol Select


Resveratrol Select contains pure resveratrol extract which is a powerful antioxidant found in red wine that has potent anti-aging properties. It can also suppress hunger and increase metabolism for a quick weight loss solution. It also works effectively as an anti-bacterial, anti-fungi, and anti-viral supplement and has anti-inflammatory properties too. Recent research shows that this antioxidant may also inhibit diabetes and insulin resistance which is very common in overweight or obese individuals. A fat burning gene called SIRT1 is activated when taking the supplement, preventing weight gain even while on a normal diet


19. Saffron Extract Select


Saffron Extract Select supplement is made from 100% pure saffron flower extract and works by suppressing your cravings for sugars and carbohydrates. It acts as an appetite suppressant helping you to lose weight fast because it makes you eat less food.


20. XtremeNO


XtremeNO is a bodybuilding supplement that contains a combination of natural ingredients that maximize the power and potential of workouts for the development of muscles. Its main ingredient is a blend of amino acids called L-Arginine that boosts the levels of nitric oxide in the body. When those levels are higher, oxygen can move more easily into the muscles and with more oxygen and increased blood flow, muscles are stronger, and they grow faster.





If you are one of the men who need to lose weight fast in an easy way, there are options available that is just right for your unique lifestyle. However, losing weight rapidly might result in health problems like dehydration, fatigued, malnutrition, etc. so as a word of warning, consult your doctor first and do some research before taking any weight loss supplements. Keep in mind too that any weight loss supplement will not be effective without a healthy diet and proper exercise to combine with it.